Are Helmets Enough?







As bicyclists, we’ve all heard of other riders who were involved in an accident with a vehicle. Perhaps you’ve even had experience with aggressive drivers or a dangerous road condition first-hand. Because these incidents are all too common, we know how important it is to wear helmets.

However, rarely do we hear about
an equally important need;
the need to be adequately insured.

Most people are unaware that many of the coverages on your automobile policy extend to provide you protection while you’re on your bicycle. Hard to imagine? Let’s look at an example. Tom was an extremely cautious bicycle rider, always wearing a helmet and obeying all the traffic laws. However, one day, he was involved in an accident with a hit and run driver. Tom had extensive injuries that required a several months stay in the hospital and extensive physical therapy. Due to his injuries, he was also unable to work for a year and a half. Fortunately for Tom (and his wife and two children who depended upon him for support), he had just reviewed his insurance coverage a month earlier and increased his Uninsured Motorist limits. This coverage paid for his medical costs, rehabilitation, and his lost wages while he was out of work.

While Tom’s accident involved a hit and run driver, even if an accident occurs where the driver is identified, adequate Uninsured Motorist coverage is important because many drivers carry inadequate liability coverage. In this case, the coverage protects you from “underinsured” motorists.

It’s dangerous out on the road and it’s bad enough that bicyclists have to contend with speeding 4,000 pound vehicles. While there’s not a whole lot we can do to make others drive more safely, we do have the power to protect ourselves and our families in the event of an accident.

Now that you know helmets aren’t enough, consult with an insurance agent to ensure that your insurance covers you while you’re on your bicycle and that your coverage is adequate.

Tim Goodrich is a Torrance Councilmember, an Insurance Broker, and a member of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition. He can be reached at or at 310-414-9409.

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Support the first bikeway in Hermosa in 5+ years!

Hermosa Beach Public Works Commission 
Wednesday, July 15
7pm at City Hall | 1315 Valley Drive

Show your support for the first bikeway in Hermosa in over 5 years! The Public Works Commission wants to hear your thoughts on the bikeway on 22nd St./Monterey Blvd & Longfellow Ave. We need voices like yours to help make an impact & make our roads in the South Bay more bike-friendly!


If  you’d like to read the agenda, visit the City of Hermosa Beach website

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Q & A with Julian Katz, SBBC Board Member

We sat down with Julian Katz, SBBC Board Member and dubbed as the “cycling king of Hermosa Beach”  for a Q & A on his thoughts on safe cycling.

Julian Katz

Q: What are some fundamentals about bike safety that every cyclist should know?

A: Bike safety fundamentals include wearing a helmet, checking your bike before riding, riding to the right or in bikeways if available, being respectful of drivers and other cyclists and pedestrians.  We’ll have to get you a copy of our “Share the Road” pamphlet.

Q: What motivates your passion for cycling and why was it important for you to be involved in the cycling community?

A: I’ve been dedicated to giving back to the community in the form of getting bikeways put on the streets so that others can enjoy cycling as I have.  That’s true for all of us in the SBBC.

Q: If there’s one thing you could encourage other cyclists to do, what would it be?

A: Get involved. As my answer to the previous question, participate in bicycle education programs, advocate, advocate and of course ride safely and courteously.

Q: Can you tell us about your most memorable cycling experience?

A: I had not made long bike rides (over 25 miles) for most of these years but a few years ago I joined Jim Hannon and a group from the Beach Cities Cycle Club on a 54 mile ride to Long Beach and return.  I was pleased and I admit surprised that I was able to pull that off.  Lots of encouragement along the way.

Would you like to help? By donating, you can help raise funds to promote safe cycling. Get involved.  Join our movement for safe cycling in the South Bay.


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Attention City Officials – Adding Bike Lanes REDUCES traffic delays

According to New York City’s Department of Transportation.

From the article:  “Smart street design can eliminate many of the traffic problems anticipated by alternative mode elements like bike lanes. A new report on protected bike lanes released by the New York City Department of Transportation offers a great example of how rider safety can be increased even while car speed is maintained.”

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Free Bike Safety Education Class for Kids – March 14th!

Join us from 9am – 2pm on March 14th at Summer Camp Expo at Manhattan Beach Middle School for a free kids bike safety class taught by accredited instructors!  SBBC Safety Course2Food Trucks will be there as well!  Don’t forget to bring your bike and helmet.  See more details here  Bike Flyer

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2014 – A year in review of progress

As we start 2015, thought we share a few highlights from last year that were definitely an improvement from the prior year!

Please remember we are a 100% volunteer local organization that would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions as well as any time you may have to volunteer!!

  • Redondo Beach – Perhaps the largest Bicycle infrastructure project ever in the South Bay as the Harbor and Herondo Gateway Project will not only create new bike lanes, but significantly improve the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike.
  • Manhattan Beach places Sharrows along Manhattan Avenue as well as East Bound along Rosecrans
  • El Segundo approves Sharrows for West Bound Rosecrans
  • Free Bike Education Classes by the SBBC and the BCCC had over 200 adult and child graduates
  • Free Bike Parking as over 10,000 bikes parked for free at multiple  Beach City events
  • Free Bike Safety Pamphlets provided to schools, police, bike shops, etc.
  • Recognition of eight bike friendly businesses in the South Bay
  • Multiple Multiple bike commute/alternative commuting fairs exhibited this year at local employers such as Northrup Grumman and Aerospace Corp


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