South Bay Bike Traffic School

Got a ticket riding a bicycle? What do I do next?
You may either pay the fine, go to court, or attend South Bay Bicycling Traffic School.
If you decide to attend bicycling traffic school you will not have to pay bail, or a court processing fee.
The bicycling traffic school fee is $50, you have 90 days from the date of the citation to complete the class.
To register for a class, select a class from the schedule below, enter your name, email address, telephone number, citation number & driver’s license number (leave blank if you don’t have a driver’s license) and pay the $50 fee.
Class size is limited, each event will show how many spaces are available.
Class duration is approximately 3 hours.
Payment method is by PayPal or credit card upon registration, or cash/check at the time of the class.
When you register for a class you will receive an email with a website password. Use your email address & password to login to this website to make changes to your registration, if needed.
Once the class is complete, attendees will receive a completion certificate and a completion report will be sent to the Court Clerk.
Persons who register for a class but do not show up will be given the opportunity to reschedule, if within the 90 day window.
Violators who do not complete the course within the 90 day deadline will have no option other than to either, pay the full fine, or attend the the court appearance.