To sign up for Bicycling Traffic School, select a class from the calendar below, then click on the register button and provide the required information: e-mail address, first name, last name, telephone number, citation number.
Your fee of $50 can be paid by PayPal or credit card when registering, or by cash at the time of the class.
After completing the class registration form you will receive two emails. One e-mail will be an invoice confirming the date and time of the class and payment details.
Please bring a copy of this invoice to your class.
The other e-mail will provide login information and a password. You can use this information to login to the website in order to change or cancel a class. To change a class, first cancel your current registration, then select a new class. Payment made for the canceled class will be refunded and an invoice will be generated for the new class.
Access to login is by clicking on the link provided in your confirmation e-mail, or by the Change My Class menu item listed under South Bay Bike Traffic School above.
If you don’t see a class that meets your schedule, check back often, classes are being added frequently.                                                                       
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