Speak Up To get 2 New Bikeways in Manhattan Beach

2013 was another banner year for the SBBC. We partnered with local cities and police to distribute educational packets and implemented our first grade school targeted safe cycling course. We helped over 10,000 people bike to events like Fiesta Hermosa instead of drive with our bike valet.

2014 is going to be even bigger!  We have a huge opportunity lined up to kick it off. On Jan 7 in Manhattan Beach, council will be deciding on, not 1, but 2 new bikeways– (1) a bikelane along Rosecrans as well as(2) sharrows through Manhattan Ave downtown. As we have learned repeatedly over the past few years, the only way to get new bikeways implemented is to show up and speak our minds about safer bike facilities to those in power.

There are 2 ways to help get this passed in our city:

1. Speak In Front of City Council with Us!

January 7 @ 6:30pm
Manhattan Beach City Hall

2. Help Our Email Brigade

please send an email ASAP about your support of the 2 new bikeways CityCouncil@citymb.info

We are grateful for ALL your support.  Here’s to a more bike-able South Bay in 2014!
long beach sharrows
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Great turnout for first bike safety/bike education class at American Martyrs


Photo credit by Esther Kang

Thanks to a grant from the Beach Cities Health District, the Beach Cities Cycling Club (BCCC) and South Bay Bicycle Coalition (SBBC) held its first Bike Education class at American Martyrs last week.

Current SBBC President, and certified instructor, Jim Hannon led the efforts and is looking forward to many more throughout our beach cities.  See here for more coverage

Check back in the future for more classes.

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Over 3,400 Bikes parked for free at Fiesta Hermosa this past Labor Day!

Once again, Hermosa Cyclery, the South Bay Bicycle Coalition (SBBC), and the Beach Cities Cycling Club (BCCC) was there taking care of bicycles, strollers, and even roller blades for those who chose not to drive!  Over 3,400 bikes were parked for free.sbbc bike corral hb lday 2013 grp

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Guess what seems to have reduced bicycle crashes in Long Beach by 70%?

Ever since installing sharrows in 2009, there has been a significant reduction of bicycle accidents in this area of Long Beach from a high of 43 in 2009 to 12 in 2012.  long beach sharrowsAccording to Long Beach City’s Bicycle Coordinator, Alan Crawford, “We really wanted to go in and see what the data showed us,” Crawford said. “Having six full years has given us confidence that the sharrows are working as intended.”

While correlation does not necessarily prove causality, it sure seems to be one heck of a coincidence.  See full story here

Again, Sharrows do not change any rules of the road, but allow bike riders and automobile drivers alike to better share the road together.


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Just the facts – What Federal and County research says about Sharrows

It was a full house at a town hall meeting last night in Manhattan Beach as both City Staff and Police Chief Irvine educated the residents about Sharrows.  As over 50 cities have already proven, the painting of inexpensive Sharrows create a safer city for bike riders, pedestrians, as well as drivers.  These Sharrows have been painted on busy roads, residential streets, narrow streets, wide streets, and even streets with small hills.

While both sides agreed that Manhattan Beach is deficient in safe streets for riding bicycles as well as a desire to improved enforcement for both drivers and motorists to follow the rules, most of those in support expressed the very real opportunity that the Master Bicycle Plan presents – a desire to see more children and residents choosing to ride their bikes around town once the recommendations could be implemented.

For further reference, here are two reports, one Federal, and one by LA County

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What a Sharrow does not do!

While Sharrows are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States as a way to create safer communities by reducing accidents, Sharrows, or “shared roads” sometimes it is easier to explain what Sharrows do not do:

  1. Sharrows effectively do not create anything new as the painted markings on the street only mean to reinforce existing law.
  2. Sharrows do not create any new laws or rights-of-way for bike riders.

sharrow 1

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